Sushi Kanesaka (2 Michelin Stars)

Japan holds the most Michelin-starred restaurants in the world as it has sky-high expectations when it comes to gastronomy. The best sushi is bound to be found here, specifically in the Ginza district of Tokyo where many Michelin starred sushi restaurants are hidden underneath office buildings. Just to name a few; Jiro’s, Sushi Yoshitake, Sushi Mizutani, and of course Sushi Kanesaka are all located in this region. It’s a great debate among the foodie community which establishment serves the best sushi in the world but these are among the creme de la creme. Jiro is certainly the most famous sushi restaurant made well known through various television programs and his documentary “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” but critics in Japan don’t believe it’s “The Best”. Nevertheless, each restaurant has its own strengths and weaknesses where some may serve better shellfish, others otoro, and some accept foreign reservations while others may not.

Sushi Kanesaka Entrance
The entrance to sushi paradise!

The entrance to Sushi Kanesaka is underneath a nondescript looking office building in the middle of Ginza where you go down a steep set of stairs. There, you will be greeted with a white curtain with a few kanji characters. If you have successfully accomplished the following, you will be rewarded with some of the best sushi in the world!

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Black Bean Brownie

I would rate brownies as one of the best dessert creations of all times and anyone who’s a chocoholic would definitely agree. I do however admit that it’s not the healthiest thing to eat but hey everything in moderation is alright. However these brownies are not only delicious it’s actually really good for you with its wholesome nutrient dense ingredients. I experimented with a few different recipes and made some adaptations thus creating my own version of black bean brownies. This recipe yields a fudgey and moist brownie that doesn’t skimp on the chocolate. All my measurements are approximate and like me you can make the necessary substitutions as you prefer.

Black bean brownie
Black bean brownie

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Aloha Maui II!

The plan for day two was to visit Maui Ocean Center and later go back to the hotel for some relaxation/down time. That’s one part of the Hawaiian culture I really admire; not rushing things and enjoying being in the moment. After a hasty breakfast of local pineapples, we were on our way to Maui Ocean Center.

The entrance (Original author: Michelle @ CC-BY-SA. Disclaimer: I do not own this photo:

Maui Ocean Center is a combination of an aquarium and marine science center that has been around since 1998. It’s a great place to visit if you are interested in seeing marine life without actually having to go snorkeling (or if like me swimming isn’t your forte). There were lots of varieties of tropical fish, coral reefs, dolphins, sharks, and rays.

File:Dubai Atlantis Aquarium 1201200712591 Aetobatus narinari Spotted Eagle Ray.jpg
Spotted eagle ray (Disclaimer: I do not own this photo, author: Erlend Bjørtvedt (CC-BY-SA)

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