Crete-Where Zeus Brought Europa III

The itinerary for the third day was to visit the Palace of Knossos and then drive to Elounda, a tiny fishing town on the Northern coast of Crete. The Palace of Knossos was the center of the Minoan Civilization and the home of one of the most famous kings during this time; King Minos.

According to Greek mythology, King Minos angered Poseidon by not sacrificing the bull he promised to and thus Poseidon sent him the minotaur, a fearsome creature that’s half man half bull (this is the clean version of the myth). The minotaur ended up devouring many of the Cretan citizens and as a result King Minos had Daedalus, the talented architect construct a labyrinth to retain the minotaur. Androgeus, son of King Minos had many victories at the Panathenaic festival and was killed by the Athenians out of jealousy. In King Mino’s rage, he raged war on Athens and Aegus, the King of Athens pleaded for another solution. It was decided that every seven years, Athens must send seven of the most beautiful maidens and seven of the most talented men to be consumed by the minotaur.

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Crete-Where Zeus Brought Europa II

I woke up the next day not feeling hungry but I changed my mind after seeing the breakfast buffet option. There were tons of options to choose from whether you like a savoury or sweet breakfast. There were custom made omelets and crepes, cakes, pastries, standard bacon/eggs, salads, fruits, yogurt, freshly squeezed orange juice and more! Here is what my first plate looked like (I had another fruit plate afterwards).

Breakfast: cheese pastry, bougatsa, crepe with grape syrup, cheese, scrambled eggs, baked beans, baked tomato, olive, and mushrooms

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Crete-Where Zeus brought Europa

I recently just came back from a summer vacation to Crete, Athens, and Istanbul, hence no posts for two weeks! I had a wonderful time with lots of sightseeing, experienced warm Greek hospitality, and of course ate lots of yummy food. I’ll elaborate my trip to Crete, followed by Athens and Istanbul so be sure to check back for updates!

Crete island used to be an independent country in its own right and only later became apart of Greece. It’s also the largest of the Greek islands and was once the center of the Minoan civilization where King Minos used to rule over the country. The Minoan civilization was succeeded by the Mycenaean civilization and was later ruled by the Romans, finally ending up as apart of Greece. So how did this once sparse island came to be such a powerful nation?

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