Hokkaido-Top 5 Foods to Eat

Last summer I visited Hokkaido with my family and had a wonderful time there. Not only was the cooler climate a great welcome after the intense heat of Osaka but the food in Hokkaido is what made my trip so memorable. Hokkaido is situated in the most northern part of Japan’s main islands and it’s also the home of many Ainu people who have a completely different culture than the Japanese. If you ever visit Hokkaido, be sure to come with a voracious appetite as the food is simply irresistible!

1. Miso Ramen


Ramen actually originated in China as “la mian 拉面” which translates to pulled noodles. The Japanese then made some adjustments to this dish and thus created their own version which is very different to the Chinese version. Since Hokkaido is the birthplace of ramen it makes sense that the best ramen in the world will be found here but specifically at Sapporo (Hokkaido’s capital) miso ramen will ultimately reign supreme! A good bowl of miso ramen will have a thick hearty rich broth made from miso paste and pork stock flavored with kelp and bonito. The noodles should be curly and lemony yellow in color while having an al dente chew. Continue reading Hokkaido-Top 5 Foods to Eat