A trip to Paris would be lacking without a visit to Angelina, a famous patisserie and restaurant once often frequented by fashion legend Coco Chanel. It was rumoured that Coco would always request to be seated at table 10, sipping tea and having a few dainty pastries. Whether in the past or in today’s modern day, this stylish tea salon attracts a variety of clientele gatherings. From socialite parties, to dates or casual friend/family reunions.

I came primarily for the chocolat chaud “l’Africain”, aka the iconic hot chocolate which everyone raves about. This certainly bore no resemblance of what I knew hot chocolate to be! Instead of the typical thin powdered drink, this was viscous and sinfully rich. What I really liked is that unlike typical hot chocolates which taste primarily of sugar and milk, this was pure cocoa heaven. To add to the indulgence, a pot of double cream topping was offered.

Hot Chocolate Angelina Style

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