New Year’s Eve- Canoe Restaurant

Happy New Years everyone! This year, I celebrated New Year’s Eve with my family at Canoe restaurant, located on the 54th floor of the TD Center in the financial district. It’s the flagship restaurant of the Oliver and Bonacini Group, which also happens own Auberge Du Pommier, Luma, and Bannock. Upon entering the restaurant, I immediately noticed the stunning skyline view overlooking downtown Toronto. Canoe has a very swanky atmosphere, yet at the same time possesses a laid back trendy vibe. For New Year’s Eve, there was a pre-selected five-course menu, with options provided for the four main courses.

Skyline View

The first course was fried herring roe served with a kelp knot. I’ve never had herring roe before and usually I’m not the biggest fan of caviar. I personally find it too fishy and strong tasting. However, this was a pleasant surprise! The herring roe was quickly tempura fried and tasted very mild with a creamy texture. A quick dip in the ponzu dressing added a tart citrusy flavour. The kelp knot on the other hand, was as enjoyable as munching on a rubber tire.

Fried herring roe

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