Hashimoto Unagi – Tokyo

Hashimoto is a discovery I made during my recent trip to Japan. Located in the Bunkyo district of Tokyo, I would have never guessed this is a famous unagi restaurant with over 200 years of history without prior research. Bunkyo is a stark difference to areas like Shibuya or Shinjuku. Largely dominated by local residents, this is definitely not a touristy neighbourhood.

Just as we were welcomed in, a waft of intense smoke greeted us as the grilling room is located near the entrance. The interior was tiny, quite typical of Tokyo restaurants. Without a reservation, the best option would be to come before peak hours (hint: just before opening time).

The menu is simple and concise. Hashimoto is really well known for their Unaju, filets of grilled eel with rice served in a lacquered red box. The waiter also heaped praises on the kimoyaki (grilled eel liver), kimosui (eel liver soup), and tamagoyaki (egg omelette).

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