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Arashiyama – Kitcho 3 Michelin Stars

During my visit to Kyoto, I made it my mission to experience an authentic kaiseki. Kaiseki is the Japanese version of haute cuisine, traditionally only prepared for the Japanese royalty/aristocracy. It is definitely a fine dining/splurge option, as it can cost anywhere from $50-thousands of CAD/person.

Arashiyama, a district located West of Kyoto is an absolutely gorgeous landmark! The clear lake, blue sky, and mesmerizing bamboo forests with ancient Japanese architecture make this place an absolute visit if you ever come to Japan.



Our dinner appointment was set at 6:30 pm, and when we arrived at the entrance we were greeted by a young male who escorted us inside where another hostess greeted us. As Japanese customary, it is necessary to take off your shoes at high-end Japanese restaurants. Afterward, we were shown to a spacious private dining room with a beautifully lacquered table overlooking a gorgeous garden. As expected, the seating was tatami style. From this instant, I felt transported to another era.

After being seated, we were presented with a first-grade sencha tea. It had a clean sweet taste and was well-timed before the first course. We chose the mid-priced menu option at $486 CAD/person.

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