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Macaron Class- Le Foodist

What could be more Parisian than macarons? It’s the iconic item that everyone acknowledges as the national French dessert. The quality of macarons depend on the pastry chef’s skills, and can either be the best thing on earth or shockingly terrible. When done correctly, macarons are exquisite. It’s dainty, flavourful, and extremely light. However, these things are notoriously hard to perfect. The high costs of ingredients plus the dexterity of the process is what contributes to its ultra-pricey nature. Even for a pro, macarons are beyond temperamental in nature. As a beginner, you will experience a lot of trial and error (and possibly fail) before they resemble something you see in the window case of a pâtisserie. I’ve always been intrigued as to how to make them, and I’ve enlisted Le Foodist cooking school to help crack down the process.

Vanilla, lemon curd, pistachio, and dark chocolate

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Black Bean Brownie

I would rate brownies as one of the best dessert creations of all times and anyone who’s a chocoholic would definitely agree. I do however admit that it’s not the healthiest thing to eat but hey everything in moderation is alright. However these brownies are not only delicious it’s actually really good for you with its wholesome nutrient dense ingredients. I experimented with a few different recipes and made some adaptations thus creating my own version of black bean brownies. This recipe yields a fudgey and moist brownie that doesn’t skimp on the chocolate. All my measurements are approximate and like me you can make the necessary substitutions as you prefer.

Black bean brownie
Black bean brownie

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Green Smoothie – How to make it

Green smoothies are a great way to sneak in vegetables and fruits to unsuspecting picky eaters but doing so in a delicious way. One of my favourite breakfast staples of all times as it is quick, tasty, and nutritious. It is also a powerful drink for the skin as it contains ample levels of vitamin A, C, E, iron, fiber, and other antioxidants. My recipe is also a very flexible one where you can substitute a lot of foods for the ones that you personally prefer.

Each glass only has 186 calories and 9 grams of fiber (26% of your daily fiber needs for a male and 36% of your daily fiber needs for a female)

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